13 Reasons Why You Should Be A Vegan This April

Vegan Meat
Vegan Meat
Vegan Meat
Vegan Meat

Many people choose to follow a vegan diet on the first month of a calendar year as part of the Veganuary event. That said, there are also others who do it in the latter months of the year.

What you consume will considerably affect the quantity of carbon dioxide that you will contribute to being released into the atmosphere. Therefore, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals will launch a campaign that will urge people to consume vegan meal options on April 22, 2021. Here, we will look at the reasons why PETA regards going vegan as the best means of celebrating the annual Earth Day.

Because It Is Easy

PETA finds vegan food to be humane and tasty, so consuming it is among the most efficient move any person can make to combat climate change. This is a scary climate crisis, says PETA. As per many pieces of research, following a diet based on plant food items can aid in fighting the climate issue.

For Less Carbon Footprint

Becoming a vegan is likely to lessen the carbon dioxide quantity from your food consumption by as much as 73%, says PETA. That discovery seems to be as per the University of Oxford’s study on reducing dairy and meat consumption.

To Contribute To Protecting Our Habitats

Consuming only vegan meat and other vegan products can play a role in preserving the natural environments of animals on this planet. In the event of stopping the consumption of dairy items and meat, then it could lessen international farmland use by as much as 75%, says PETA.

For Fewer Dietary Greenhouse-Gas (GHG) Emissions

As per a recent study from Oxford University, meat consumers contribute to around thrice as many diet-related GHG emissions as vegans. Cows create over 560 billion liters of methane daily. For the uninitiated, methane is among the many different greenhouse gases. That is one more reason for stopping the utilization of cow flesh as well as the consumption of dairy products.

To Save Water

Creating more than 2 pounds of beef requires 15,000 liters of water. Besides, raising cows to have their milk requires around 75% more water as compared to the water required for soya milk. Consuming vegan food can lead to an almost 60% reduction in the water footprint, according to PETA.

For Protecting The Environment

Becoming a vegan will do more to keep the environment safe as compared to not driving any longer. Animal farming accounts for around 15% of GHG emissions worldwide. As per some estimates, that figure exceeds the combined GHG emissions from every form of transportation.

To Help Combat Hunger

Every single year, we feed 760 million metric tons of grain to factory farm animals. In the event of the grain being utilized to feed ourselves directly, then we would have ample food for every person.

To Be Involved In An Ever-Growing Movement

Combating climate change and being a person with anti-speciesism beliefs are closely connected. Animal farming is among the main causes of that global climate crisis.

To Help The Seas, As Well

Commercial fishing negatively affects the seas in the world, making those lifeless, empty, and about to experience ecological damage. We are exploiting around 90% of ocean fish; if that rate continues, then the oceans would not have more fish in the future.

To Prevent Human Death

Do you know that animal killing is associated with deadly diseases, as well? Ammonia, a gas that emerges from the pig, chicken and cow farms in the United Kingdom, is a pollutant that can not only affect our health but also contribute to premature death. Up to 3,000 people’s deaths are preventable annually in the event of ammonia emissions being halved.

To Aid In Preventing Future Epidemics

The coronavirus origin is thought to be a meat and wet seafood market situated in China’s Wuhan. Imagine what would happen in the event every person in the world is a vegan. In that case, would there be a global crisis such as COVID-19? Consuming vegan food can help to keep epidemics such as COVID-19 from happening in the future.

For Better Health

Veganism could cause you to be healthier if you know what to consume. Consuming animal derivatives can raise your likelihood of developing heart disease, obesity, diabetes and cancer. One of the possible reasons for that is that it can lead to cholesterol being accumulated in your artery walls. Remember, plant food items do not contain cholesterol.

To Save Lives

As with human beings, chickens, sheep, fish, pigs, and cows also have thoughts, personalities and feelings. Anyhow, the dairy, fishing, egg and meat segments treat the animals as commodities, while subjecting them to unfathomable cruelty. The last thing you would like this Earth Day is to kill or play an indirect part in killing animals.