4 Ways To Get Your Kids To Have More Vegetables

Vegan Meal
Vegan Meal
Plant-Based Recipes
Plant-Based Recipes

As a kid, if you had to choose between an apple and a pack of crunchy potato chips, you would jump for the latter. With so many ‘tasty’ options available, kids and even many adults often make the choice of going for the immediate pleasure of enticing the taste buds, rather than long-lasting well-being and happiness. Kids have growing bodies, and their caloric demands are high at this particular stage of growth. But this doesn’t mean that you stuff them with fats, refined sugars and fried foods- you will be getting them obese, unhealthy and diabetic—knowing that this is your flesh and blood, your child, you should do a better job in ensuring that they eat healthily. Plant-based foods must be part of the diet.

If you have troublesome toddlers then we shall be taking a look at some of the ways in which you can coax and cajole your kids into healthy plant-based recipes:

Make Them Frozen

Rather than having the veggies cooked hot and served, cook them and freeze them instead. Cool it till the point where they are crunchier, and not rock-solid ice. Vegetables actually taste better, such as carrots and apples. Even oranges taste exquisite if it is chilled in the fridge before you peel it. This is a sure-fire way to get your kids to relish the cold sweet flavor of vegetables and fruits without breaking a sweat.

Cut Them Into Different And Exciting Shapes

Kids want to have their imagination poked at, and one of the best ways when it comes to vegetables is to cut them up into different shapes. They see it as fun and something that entertains them. Cucumbers don’t always have to be cut in circles; they can be cut into long stalks and you will see that it does a better job at grabbing their attention.

Lead By Example

If you are hogging on chips and sugary eats, then how on earth do you expect your kids to not follow after you.

You need to lead by example, and they need to see that their parents are eating vegetables.  Be a good role model and snack on veggies more. They are sure to follow suit.

Make A Smoothie

If they won’t have it solid, then having it as a shake or smoothie can solve the issue. Vegetables like spinach is mild and you can combine it with bananas for natural sugars. These taste way better and they are sure to chug them down!