What Makes Seitan The Best Meat Substitute

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Vegan Meal
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Seitan may have long been in existence, but it is regarded as the best plant-based meat option available even today. You may utilize seitan as an ingredient for numerous dishes, which include vegan fried chicken, vegan burgers and hot dogs. It is used in the form of an alternative to traditional meat.

While the phrase ‘meat substitute’ is enough to describe this product, some also refer to it as vegan meat substitute just to be clearer. Read on to know what it is and why it may be the optimal meat substitute for you.

What Seitan Is, And Where It Is Available In The World

Seitan is essentially a blend of wheat gluten and water. Hydrated gluten is the primary protein present in wheat. The first recorded form of the wheat-based gluten is regarded as being way back from China of the sixth century. The source of it may be China, but seitan is actually a Japanese term. The Japanese movement of macrobiotic foods from the 1960s is still thought to be the thing that gave birth to seitan. This product is rich in protein, but it does not have a lot of carbohydrates and fats.

It is a well-known food item everywhere in the globe. An interesting fact is that the city of London even has a chain of fast-food restaurants themed around seitan.

Nutritional Facts Regarding Seitan

There are about 1900 milligrams of fat and 7500 milligrams of protein in seitan. Some of the components of it are magnesium, fiber, and iron. As said above, seitan is produced with wheat gluten, so people without an allergy to this form of gluten can consume the product. An example of people who have wheat product sensitivity are those diagnosed with coeliac disease.

In What Way Should I Use It?

Seitan is a very flexible product. This is among the many different reasons why it is usually used in the form of a base ingredient for many different vegan dishes, which include meat substitute products. Seitan may taste bland, but it can absorb the ingredients that you will include in it to enhances its flavor.

Seitan has a distinctive texture that is similar to meat, which makes it just the right inclusion in your plant-based diet. This would particularly be the case in the event you are transitioning from a non-vegan to a vegan diet and are missing consuming animal meat.