Common Misconceptions Circulating About Veganism

Vegan Meat
Vegan Meat

Veganism is one way of life that many lack clarity about primarily due to its influence on all areas of one’s life. If it were limited to one aspect of your life, say for example diet, there would be lesser misconceptions about it.

In this article, we list some of the common wrong notions that people have about veganism.

Veganism Is Very Tough 

Having a thought that following the vegan lifestyle is difficult stops you from wanting to give it a try. It is one of the most common misconceptions that people have about veganism. Although it will not be that easy for everyone to adopt a vegan way of life overnight, switching to it is just like any other major lifestyle change you make. It will take some time for you to get adjusted, but it isn’t something impossible either.

To make a smooth transition to the vegan lifestyle, we recommend taking it slow by making small changes before you finally switch to a full-fledged vegan lifestyle.

Veganism Is Boring

When people mention veganism as boring, they might be thinking of the vegan diet. But they are wrong. If you find a vegan diet boring, it is because you are not exploring the vast set of vegan food options that are satiating, nutritious, and also delicious.

Vegan Diets Lack Protein

Animal foods are rich in protein sources but they aren’t your only resort. A wide selection of protein-rich plant foods is enough to meet the daily protein requirements of vegans. It is all decided by how well you plan your vegan diet ensuring you do not lack any nutrients.

Some of the protein-rich options for vegans include seeds, nuts, and plant milk.

All Vegan Diets Are Healthy

It is a wrong idea that needs to be addressed. You cannot decide if a meal is healthy merely because it is vegan. After all, junk foods aren’t something that is exclusive to the animal-based food category. You get highly processed foods in the vegan category too, and eating them won’t do any good to your health. Highly processed vegan foods do the opposite of what is generally expected of vegan diets. They affect your health adversely.

A vegan diet can be called a healthy one if it contains all important nutrients, and when the foods are minimally processed (or not processed at all).

Veganism And Vegetarianism Are The Same

Veganism is a way of life that covers all aspects of our life while vegetarianism is merely a diet style. That is one of the many differences between veganism and vegetarianism.

There are some reasons why some think veganism and vegetarianism are the same. Vegetarians avoid eating all foods that are obtained by killing animals while vegan diets are stricter. Vegans do not eat any foods that were obtained by harming animals in some way, even though they weren’t killed in the process. Vegetarians do not eat meat, fish, and poultry while vegans, in addition, avoid dairy, eggs, honey, and more.

Only Vegans Want To Take Supplements 

If your diet cannot meet some of your nutrient requirements, you will have to take supplements. Vegan dieters sometimes have to take supplements for omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and Calcium, as these nutrients are found more in animal foods. However, that does not mean animal-based dieters do not have to take supplements at all. If their diet is not properly balanced, they too will have to take supplements.

Vegans Will Lack Calcium As They Do Not Consume Dairy

Dairy is a misfit in a vegan diet. Vegans consume plant milk instead of dairy. As animal milk is a rich source of dairy, many think that vegans will become calcium deficient because their diet is devoid of dairy. However, that is not true. There are plenty of vegan options like leafy vegetables that are rich in Calcium. If these calcium-rich vegan foods are added to the diet, vegans do not have to worry about calcium deficiency.

Vegan Diets Make You Feel Hungry All The Time

If someone following a vegan diet is complaining of being hungry all the time, understand that the poor calorie content of their diet is the problem maker in this case. As you have many high-calorie options like avocado, seeds, nuts, seed butter, and nut butter in the vegan category, add them to your diet to ensure that your calorie needs are met and you don’t feel hungry constantly.

Vegan Diets Are Not Good For Children

A balanced vegan diet is appropriate for people of all age groups. When planning to give vegan foods alone to children, form a clear diet plan by ensuring that the child will not lack any nutrients.

Clearing up any misconceptions about veganism makes people more confident about their decision to go vegan.