Five Most Interesting Facts Regarding Burgers

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A hamburger is among the most quintessential American food items. Anyhow, there are many other forms of burgers that Americans love to eat. Is a burger healthy? Maybe not. What about tasty? Absolutely yes, notwithstanding that the flavor of the product may vary by restaurant. Read on for a few fun facts regarding burgers.

Not All Vegetable Burgers Are Vegan

There is a misconception that all veggie burgers are suitable for vegan people. All vegan burgers can be described with the prefix ‘vegetable’, but it is not possible to say the same vice versa. Why? Because vegetable burgers can contain non-vegan ingredients, such as mayonnaise to name one. Conversely, the other burger may contain vegan meat, and it lacks non-vegan ingredients.

The US Has A National Burger Day And Burger Month

Also known as National Hamburger Month, it is a period where people in the US celebrate arguably the best-known fast-food item in the nation. Many US restaurants take part in the occasion with a host of special deals and products to offer to customers. What is more interesting than it is that even the National Burger Day falls in the same calendar month: May.

The US Also Has A Hamburger Museum

There is a museum in Wisconsin’s Seymour city, known as the ‘Hamburger Hall Of Fame’.There are many pieces of art devoted to this product at the museum, which is billed as the ‘Home of the Hamburger’. The highlight is a tall statue of Charlie Nagreen, the man who many people regard as the inventor of the hamburger. Several other US-based towns are considered its birthplace, but those in Seymour may want to dispute this claim with a Nagreen trivia or two.

Hamburgers Account For Over Half Of All Sandwiches Retailed In The World

Do you know that almost 60% of all these products sold throughout the world are hamburgers? A hamburger is what people picture when they think of a burger, so the aforementioned fact is perhaps not all that surprising.

French Fries Commonly Accompany Burgers On Restaurant Tables

Have you ever wondered why fast-food restaurants usually serve French fries and burgers together? It is perhaps because the fried items go well with the sauces and other substances served with burgers. Or, perhaps there is a more advanced culinary explanation for this. Whatever the reason may be, the fact is that people love to eat these together.