Health Benefits Offered By Manganese

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Our body needs manganese only in small amounts and that is why it is called a trace mineral. However, it doesn’t mean that it is not essential. Manganese can help with many health problems; Studies have found that manganese combines with other minerals and provide a lot of health benefits.

Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons for including manganese-rich foods in our vegan meal.

Have Antioxidant Properties

Studies have found that manganese is a part of superoxide dismutase, a powerful antioxidant enzyme in your body. Antioxidants are very beneficial in fighting the free radicals and prevent cell damage that can be harmful to your body. Superoxide dismutase converts the dangerous free radical superoxide into smaller molecules and prevents cell damage.

Improves Bone Health

Taking manganese-rich foods regularly is beneficial in improving bone development and maintenance. Studies have found that manganese in combination with zinc, copper, and calcium helps in supporting bone mineral density. This will help in reducing the risk of osteoporosis in older adults.

Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

Recent studies have shown that manganese plays a major role in the regulation of blood sugar levels in your body. It was observed in some animal species that a deficiency of manganese can lead to glucose intolerance. Some human studies have linked diabetes to lower levels of manganese in your blood. However, more studies are needed to confirm that.

Reduces Inflammation

We have already discussed that manganese has antioxidant properties due to its role as a part of superoxide dismutase. Some studies have shown that superoxide dismutase can also help in reducing inflammation levels and helps in managing several inflammatory disorders. Some recent studies are claiming that manganese in combination with chondroitin and glucosamine can reduce the pain associated with osteoarthritis.

Reduces PMS Symptoms

Studies have found that manganese in combination with calcium can effectively reduce the symptoms of PMS. The PMS symptoms include cramps, pain, anxiety, depression, mood swings, etc. One study has found that women with lower levels of manganese in the blood may experience more pain and anxiety during pre-menstruation.

Plant Foods Rich In Manganese

Some health experts recommend adding almonds, pecans, lima beans, etc. to your vegan diet. This is because they provide a good amount of magnesium. Studies show that fruits, including acai and pineapple, are also rich in this healthy mineral. Some other vegan sources of manganese are oatmeal, brown rice, dark chocolate, and whole wheat bread. It is often recommended to avoid the overconsumption of iron-rich foods because iron may lower the absorption of manganese into your body.