Importance Of Adding Legumes In Your Vegan Diet

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Legumes are full of several healthy nutrients and they are a great addition to all types of vegan meal plans. Legumes are easily available and one of the easiest ways to take in the nutrients to help in maintaining your health and preventing several health disorders. Peanuts, soybeans, pulses, fresh beans, fresh peas, etc. are some of the most common legumes that people add in their vegan diet.

Among the plant-based food sources, legumes are considered as the best source of plant-based protein. Since most of the legumes are cheap, easily available, and highly nutritious, you can add them to your vegan recipes without second thoughts.

Health Benefits Of Legumes

The rich nutrient profile of legumes is very beneficial in providing several health benefits. Studies have confirmed that consuming legumes will help in maintaining your health.

It is proven that legumes can help in maintaining a healthy heart. They can lower the levels of LDL cholesterol levels in the blood, which is linked to heart disease. Studies have also shown that legumes can lower high blood pressure and prevent several cardiovascular diseases.

Legumes are beneficial in moderating your appetite and managing your weight. A recent study has found that if you add legumes in your first meal of the day, you will consume less food at the second meal. This is proven to be very effective in preventing overeating. Some observational studies have shown that eating more legumes will lower the body-mass index. Eating legumes also help in lowering your weight.

Another reason why legumes are beneficial for your health is that they are very effective in lowering the blood sugar levels. Studies have shown that contain high amounts of legumes in your diet will help in lowering two measures of blood sugar. In 2018, the clinical practice guidelines of Diabetes Canada have suggested that pulses can be very effective in improving blood sugar control in type 2 diabetes patients.

Importance Of Consuming Legumes

The major source of protein is animal products and since vegans do not consume meat, they have to look for plant-based foods that provide enough protein. Fortunately, legumes are one of the many plant foods that is a great source of plant protein.

┬áLegumes are also rich in several minerals like zinc and iron. Dieticians often suggest adding more soybeans and soy products in your vegan diet because they are a great source of healthy fats. Another nutrient that vegans won’t get enough is calcium. Eating enough tofu can help to take calcium into your body.