The Athletic Advantage Of being Vegan

Vegan Recipes
Vegan Recipes
Vegan Recipes
Vegan Recipes

Vega and plant-based eating are very trending these days and many professional athletes are following vegan meal plans. The list of athletes following plant-based and vegan recipes is growing day by day. What are the benefits of following a plant-based meal plan for athletes? Let us see.

Leaner Body Mass

Many of the studies and researches say that a vegan diet can decrease body fat and this can be achieved without reducing portion sizes or restricting calories. A decrease in body fat can help improve the aerobic capacity of the person and can help outperform a person with lower aerobic capacity. Aerobic capacity is the maximum amount of oxygen used by the body of a person during maximal exercise. Having an increased aerobic capacity means that the person can go faster.

People following vegan meal plans are leaner with less body fat that can be beneficial for athletic performance. Plant-based foods contain high fiber and low fat which means that you will be having fewer calories when following plant-based meals, which can help maintain a leaner body mass.

Reduced Inflammation

Intense workout sessions can result in inflammatory responses that can lead to muscle soreness. Decreased muscular performance, pain, and impaired recovery are common after unusual muscle activity. As per many experts, plant-based diets can be helpful to decrease inflammation levels. This is because plant foods are rich sources of phytochemicals and antioxidants that can help decrease inflammation. In addition, plant-based foods are low in inflammatory fats and have good ratios of omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids.

Improved Blood Flow

Having a good flow of blood is important for an athlete. A diet that is rich in fats can make the blood more viscous, which can degrade performance. This is because thicker blood will be able to carry only less oxygen to the muscles. On the other hand, low-fat plant-based foods can improve the flow of blood, as they can help keep the blood thin. People following strictly plant-based and vegan diet plans have much reduction in the thickness of blood. The less viscous your blood, the more oxygen will reach your muscles and that would help improve athletic performance.

In addition to the above benefits, anecdotal evidence shows that following vegan meal plans can help cut down recovery time. It can be assumed that reduced inflammation and improved blood flow can help decrease recovery times.